Sponsorship Information
One of the key elements to producing a successful disc golf tournament and experience of this caliber is obtaining sponsorship to help with funding the event. More importantly though sponsorship of any type must provide a solid marketing vehicle for reaching the sponsor's audience and delivering their message about their products or services. The disc golf demographic is a very diverse audience appealing to a wide range of prospective sponsors who could benefit from this partnership. Disc golf is also a cutting edge sport and game currently scaling upwards in views on social media as well as national and world wide television media. Capturing the visual of a disc golf Hole-in-One has been broadcast on ESPN several times over the past 2 years and with more sponsors getting on board with video underwriting we expect to see more and more disc golf in mainstream media now and in the future. The 2018 Texas States offers several sponsoring options designed to give the most bang for the buck. Details of available sponsorship packages are linked below. If one of these options appeals to you or your company, please let us know.

Sponsors Request Packages: